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Enjoyed our visit and meal at this beautiful restaurant situated on the river bank a couple miles west of St Louis. The view is amazing! The owners are friendly, and food & wine delicious. We will definitely be going back.

Anna Hounjet

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We were there labour day weekend and totally enjoyed ourselves. It was a cold Saturday but we sat outside under a heater and were given blanket for our laps. The food was excellent and the wines even better. The views are beautiful. We will be back. Thanks for a great visit!

Don Mogus

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"Thanks so much Riverlot for providing such a unique experience. I had such a lovely day enjoying the sampling of wines, trying on of costumes (lol..what fun), & am just plain in awe of your location, as it's perfectly nestled along the River, as well as, the romantic feel of your decor and wonderfully inviting atmosphere made for such an amazing time. You were the perfect escape for a day of relaxation & friendship! Thank you again! I'll definitely be back."

Shannon Kent

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Wine Tour Industry Growing in Saskatchewan

The cottage winery and micro distillery in Saskatchewan has lots of room to grow and for Eric and Irina Kotelko, who own and operate Riverlot Orchards near St. Louis, Saskatchewan, becoming part of this activity was sort of the result of a fortunate turn of events.... (Read More)

Saskatchewan’s Wine Industry Keeps Growing

The alcoholic beverage industry in Saskatchewan has been diversifying and expanding. In addition to fruit wines, there are now hard ciders and

liqueurs being made from Saskatchewan-grown fruit.


An addition to the wine tourism industry has been developed west of Saint Louis on grid 782 that follows the South Saskatchewan River towards Batoche National Historic Site (Read More)

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